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Just a small town girl craving that big city world. This is where I let my heart and soul out into a vulnerable state. I speak what im feeling, I type what my heart says. This is me and I wont ever change for anyone. Life is scary but with the right type of expression you can make your wildest dreams come true and your darkest fears vanish. Be gentile. Be kind. Be sweet. Be loved. There's to much negativity in the world to be anything but. Love each other and just remember everythings going to be alright, don't worry Its my life...I got this shit covered. If your lucky enough you'll be able to experience it with me.

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True love…

It’s something we all search for. We go from one person to the next in hopes of finding that one true person we are suppose to spend the rest of our lives with. We go through heartache and pain, happiness and joy. No matter what happens at the end of something at one point we felt love, true love. Now this might not be the true love that storybooks have told us to believe in. No, this type of ‘true love’ is love that is true. This love is how you feel when you are around this person, it’s that smile that comes to your face when you’re around this person. You bite your lip, smile, your heart races, you hold yourself. Endorphins run wild, serotonin levels escalate and blood rushes to your face. Your pupils dilate, your palms sweat ..this is what love feels like and at that moment it is true. This is why when that person that brings all these emotions to you stops, this is why you go through so much pain. It doesn’t matter who walks away, no matter who it is both hearts feel something. They both break just a little bit, they hurt, they beat just a little slower. The way we feel around this person makes us happy, it’s why we love being around them. The way they make us feel is true love to our selves. That moment we are so happy that we love our lives to their fullest. It’s why we feel so broken when that feeling goes away. We question our emotions, what everything meant at that time ..we forget that, while yes it may be that person that does this to us, but it’s ourselves that we will miss the most. We don’t want to loose that feeling of ecstasy, on the off chance that we wont find it again. But we will, we do. We go on, we feel again it’s just only for that moment that we wrap ourselves so much in the person that we forget it doesn’t matter how we feel now because that feeling will go away. We forget that yes, with time, we will have that feeling again. It’s just takes us awhile to realize that.

It’s an emotion I’ve never felt, but with you I felt it every time you made me smile.


Kudos to the blogger who put this excellent visual aid together. 

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When my mom passed away I got her car. The compression system in the engine is going out and it’s making me nervous. I really hope I don’t loose her car just yet. This sucks :(

I got my toes in the water ass in the sand ☀❤ #water #sand #summer #sunday #stella

I got my toes in the water ass in the sand ☀❤ #water #sand #summer #sunday #stella

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Heaven❤ #starbucks #trenta #icedcoffee #espresso #tired

Heaven❤ #starbucks #trenta #icedcoffee #espresso #tired

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I miss that feeling of happiness and love. It feels like forever since I felt it


when words can not describe,

when they fall short and cant form meaning,

its the sound that seems to sum everything up in one note. 

music isn’t just a sound,

its not a noise.

It becomes the meaning of what can not be said,

Its an expression that speaks to the soul, from the heart.